Audience Centric Based
Programmatic Media Buy

Targeting the Right User
at Right Time and Right Place


In 2018, Digital advertising spend would be ~$265 B for which $180 B is mobile alone.

Programmatic is becoming the preferred way for media buying across the world. In the United States, over 80% of media buy is done via programmatic. UK and Holland follow at over 50% along with many European and Asian countries.

70% of total internet Traffic is Mobile.

Audience targeting is a norm in Ad-tech industry.

Programmatic today suffers with an unaccountable supply chain, brand safety concerns, fake supply, bot traffic, user privacy infringement and a diminishing trust from publishers and advertisers alike.

JAXTO Tech Stack

Audience Data Management: Data Capture, segmentation and Activation
Personalization and Audience Targeting/ Re-Targeting via Programmatic Buy of Media
AI based stack for increasing efficacy of the system


JAXTOAudience SegmentationAutomated profiling of individuals into different categories based on their interest, affinity, demographics, psychographics using algorithms and machine learning
JAXTOAudience ActivationConnecting user data in form of anonymous audience to Jaxto and other ad serving/ data platforms
JAXTOPersonalizationMoving Audiences into different buckets based on their User Journey/ content consumption
JAXTOTargeting / Re-TargetingTargeting the Right Audience at the Right Time at the Right Place with Right Message


To provide an end to end Data Capture and segmentation framework for Audience centric targeting.

Enable audience personalization with-in the ecosystem by segmenting users based on their User Journey, 3rd Party attributes

Activate Audience across multiple channels for targeting and Re-targeting .

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